You May Be Expecting Perfection and Not Even Know It

As young children we are guided by our parents, caretakers and teachers to learn, grow and expand our cognitive abilities.  We learn through modeling, direction and trial and error.  Most of us became accustomed to practice, repetition, testing and positive reinforcement.  We have learned that it is “good” to succeed and “bad” to fail.  And… Continue reading You May Be Expecting Perfection and Not Even Know It

Psychotherapy · Spirituality


 RAIN Buddhist psychotherapist and psychologist, Tara Brach recently reworked an old Buddhist teaching into a simple acronym for dealing with the acceptance of unwanted thoughts and feelings.  RAIN; Recognize,Allow, Investigate with non-judgement and Non-Identification with thoughts and feelings. When we Recognize, we simply identify what it is that we are experiencing in that moment; fear, sadness, anxiety, hurt, anger or depression.  Give… Continue reading RAIN


Perfection and The 21st Century College Student

College counseling centers have been recently overwhelmed with a ever increasing number of students seeking mental health services.  Two such issue that appears to be gaining prevalence are increased anxiety and panic related disorders.  Let’s face it, college can be stressful, but have the pressures and demands of higher education really increased that much?  My answer would be… Continue reading Perfection and The 21st Century College Student


Enforcing Consequences with Children

Raising children has never been more of a challenge than it is today. The reasons for this phenomenon could probably fill several volumes, but what I would like to focus on are some simple tips for correcting unwanted or inappropriate behaviors. Every action in life has a consequence, so it is important that children learn… Continue reading Enforcing Consequences with Children


4 Ways to Cope with Experiential Avoidance

Experiential avoidance is the term we use to describe patterns of behavior that serves to ignore or avoid uncomfortable thoughts, feelings or memories.  How many times have you said to yourself, “I don’t want to think/talk about it right now?” or “Out of sight out of mind?” Avoidance can be practical, but only if it… Continue reading 4 Ways to Cope with Experiential Avoidance