Personal Growth

Setting You Daily Intention(s)

What was your intention when you woke up today?  Did you even have an intention?  If you’re like most people, then your initial thoughts or self talk probably included a “have to.”  “I have to get up,” I have to get a shower,” “I have to go to the gym,” “I have to get the kid’s lunches… Continue reading Setting You Daily Intention(s)


5 Ways to Cope with Post Election Stress

The extraordinary events of this election season and subsequent voting results have, unquestionably, created a tremendous amount of fear, uncertainty, emotion and anxiety for a large portion of American citizens.  If you are one of those individuals who woke up on November 9th, 2016 with intense sensations of dread and emptiness, then you are not… Continue reading 5 Ways to Cope with Post Election Stress