Living Life on Purpose

Living on Purpose
What does it mean to live your life on purpose and how can it help you through those difficult moments? First of all, living your life on purpose means being fully present in the here and now. You can’t intend for anything to happen if you’re stuck in worry, self doubt, negative self-talk or past mistakes. Whether you are washing the dishes, helping your child with his homework or negotiating that next big business deal, do it with presence and be totally aware of what is happening. Secondly, when your mind kicks into high gear (and it will), try to observe your thoughts without judgment. Just notice and label the thoughts as they pass by, like leaves floating on a stream; there is anger, there is fear, there is guilt and so on. The less identified you are with your thoughts, the more present you will be. Third, there is no such things as a setback. What may appear as a barrier or impasse is simply a natural resting point where you can stop, reassess and appreciate what is. If you hear yourself saying, “It wasn’t supposed to happen this way,” then you have slipped back into judgement and inflexible, future-oriented thinking. Fourth, there is never a true destination point, a place where you plan on arriving. When you arrive, it will be the present moment and whatever is going on in that particular moment is what is meant to be. Living life on purpose essentially and unintentionally creates purpose and meaning without having to actually search aimlessly for some sign of what “my life is supposed to be about.” You define your purpose moment by moment.


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