Beliefs Versus Truth

The majority of our daily disturbances and emotional discomforts arise when we mistake beliefs for truth. Truth: Humans are mammals.  Belief: Humans are cruel.
Now unless science makes some new discovery that we belong to some other classification, then we will probably always be part of the group known as mammals.
Humans are cruel; I’m sure many people may agree that humans are cruel, but it is still nonetheless, a belief.  Are all humans cruel? No.  Do many humans have the capability of being cruel?  Yes.  It is all in what you believe or perceive to be true.
Now, take this concept and apply it to some of the internal dialogue we have with ourselves every day; I’m worthless, Life is hard, I’m a bad person, The world is a frightening place.  Typically, I will ask someone who has a negative belief about themselves to provide evidence that this is true; Well what makes you feel worthless?  Do you feel worthless all the time?  If not, then what things, events or situations allow you to feel differently? By doing this you will soon realize that there are moments in your day when you are not feeling worthless, thus disproving the belief that you are worthless. We can then focus on the situations where you do feel worthless while capitalizing on the moments when you don’t.
Beliefs become dangerous when we lose our flexibility to see people, situations or ourselves from a different perspective.  We become so locked into one way of thinking that any alternative is absurd or frightening.  But, the only way through pain and difficulty is to face it head on and challenge it. Again, just ask yourself, where is the evidence that this is true or Always true?  You’ll surprise yourself with the answer(s).

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