New Challenge: A Day Without Complaining

I’ve seen many 7 day gratitude challenges on Facebook as of late. Gratitude is an incredible way to put life into perspective and express our thankfulness for what we have, rather than focus on what we are missing.
I’m initiating my own challenge. I challenge everyone, including myself, to go an entire day without complaining. Complaining is infectious, toxic and typically unproductive. It may be helpful to first track how often you find yourself complaining; work, school, parenting, finances, relationships and other people. Be sure to notice any tension, increased heart rate or even anger, as this negativity typically leads to a stress-like reaction.
If you are faced with a challenging situation that requires some sort of action, then I suggest reviewing September’s newsletter on assertiveness. Enlist the help of others to “keep you in check,” and point out when you may slip.
I’ll be posting the results of my own experiences and ask others to do the same.


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