We are entering a state in this country and the world in general where our sense of self can no longer be defined by what we do, what we have or how much knowledge we obtain.
The structures we have so desperately relied upon to help us define our sense of self are crumbling; economies, industry, personal health, national and world stability and the health of our planet are all in a state of dis-ease with no real sense of future. This is the time in which we need discover our true nature, the nature that transcends things and situations in order for us to reach a higher level of consciousness.
Where does and how does this begin? It begins with self compassion and then spreads to compassion for others, yes even compassion for our difficult family members, our difficult co-workers, those who we perceive to be our enemies and those who have professed to be our enemies.
How is this possible an where does it start?
It starts with us reflecting on where compassion is missing in our own lives. It starts with those self judgements that reduce our sense of self to feeling small, insignificant or deficient.

Acknowledging self judgement can be painful for then we are forced to look at the origins of our judgement.  The blame, the shame and the guilt that may have been instilled in us from an early age can evolve into a lesser sense of self later in life.  Know that these feelings do not have to define who we are as individuals.  We do not have to be identified by the running dialogue that makes up the “script” from completed scenes of our lives.  Past events, actions and words only exist in how we apply them to the present moment.  When we release ourselves from the past, we release ourselves from that critical voice telling us that we are inferior.

Forgive yourself and others for what once was.  In doing so we bring compassion to the present moment and become less identified with that “script” of self deficiency.


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