The perceived linear path that life presents us can be easily, and mistakenly reduced to a series of moments, events or situations which appear to arise in our awareness and incite some sort of action or reaction.  We are neither victims nor perpetrators, but simply observers of the present moment.  If we ride the challenging waves, instead of swim or struggle against them, then we allow space to surround our situation. The waves can then pick us up and move us forward, backward, or keep us in semi-static state of suspension.  Either way we aren’t resisting to what “is”, but allowing what is to just “be.”  

There are no victims or perpetrators when we ride the wave.  Life is no more linear than the mountain stream which finds it’s path not through resistance, but through greeting each obstacle with a sense of acceptance and “is’ness. 

Roll with the waves and move through the stream of life with fewer expectations and a greater sense of trust.  You’re lack of resistance will be met with unimaginable rewards.


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