Boredom is an intense aversion to present moment living.  For if we say that we are bored then we are ultimately acknowledging a sense of discontent with the current state of our lives.  For some, “having nothing to do,” can be oftentimes experienced as a very visceral discomfort.  We so oftentimes associate meaning and purpose with activity that the prospect of being faced with quiet solitude is terrifying.  We become restless in our efforts to find anything that will satisfy our immediate needs,  Those needs are simply just distractions from ourselves.  Boredom and restlessness should be observed with a sense of reverence and peace for it is our psyche’s way of alerting us that we are avoiding something deep within our unconscious mind.  When faced with thoughts of boredom, ask yourself; What is it that I am unable to acknowledge or face at this moment?  Answers such as loneliness, fear of not being productive or the discomfort of uncertainty are only symptoms of a much deeper issue. For if you are not able to sit peacefully with yourself, then you are running; running from your shadow side, whether that be pain, insecurity, grief low self esteem, meaninglessness or feelings of being worthless.  Keeping ourselves busy for the purpose of avoiding the feelings that lie below the surface is like placing a band aid over cut that continues to gush blood.  The band aid holds for a short time, but the blood eventually soaks through and underneath the adhesive.  

When you feel bored ask yourself; what feelings or emotions am I trying avoid? Then practice sitting with those feelings with a sense of non-judgement.  Just observe you thoughts and let them pass by as if those thoughts were separate from yourself, like moving images on a screen. 

If you learn to be at peace with yourself in times of stillness, then you will find the silence liberating.  In addition; subsequent activity will hold more meaning and purpose in your life, not just a means of escape from the pain festering deep down within your psyche.


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